Riot + Revel are words synonymous with "have fun + make merry". These statements embody any celebration – but there is always so much more to say. R+R will deliver messages that speak specifically to your event.

R+R was founded on the principles of pitch-perfect, beautiful simplicity and purity of design that captures the heart of nostalgic paper goods and delivers one-of-a-kind experiences that put a focus on your unique inspiration. 



Heather's profession is marketing communications, and her focus concentrates on the creative expressions of her clients brand image. Her passion, however, is finding the undercurrent of an event's personality – so her custom paper products hit the mark both in quality and design. Riot + Revel will bring your event and story to life to create a uniquely branded experience that will wow guests.

The care you invest in preparing your event communications sets the tone for what your guests can expect. The person who receives the invitation can look forward to a memorable experience through one meaningful moment to another, whether it's the programs, menus or thank you cards that may accompany the event. Heather works within your budget to develop the exact package that will resonate with you and your invitees. 

Heather lives in Richmond, Virginia, yet she sends impressive, preservable paper goods all over the world.