Hi, I’m Heather Ormond, owner of Riot + Revel – a creative design studio specializing in personalized wedding and event stationery, quality paper goods, and custom design and branding services. I believe in thoughtful, original design with an aesthetic that is bold and authentic.




Riot + Revel are synonymous with “have fun + make merry” – which are embedded into each and every one of my unique products and designs, from invitations to professional brands to gift wrap. My custom design approach gives me the flexibility to create wildly unique brands and products that tell a story, evoke a feeling and leave a lasting impression.

I built my career in marketing communications with a focus on the creative expression of clients’ brand images. I started Riot + Revel to combine my visual branding background with my passion for events and celebrations to help clients deliver a message about their one-of-a-kind experiences that elicits a moment of awe and delight from their recipient.

Paper goods and brands are never just about cards or logos. They’re about moments of delight and making a meaningful connection with the person on the other end of design. I can help you create something as unique as you and your celebration – whether it’s tying the knot, a new home, your booming business or a brand new baby.

I look forward to helping you “have fun + make merry” – let the celebration begin!


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